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Dr. Clauder's Rx Line Dog Hypo 400g x 6

Dr. Clauder's Rx Line Dog Hypo 400g x 6

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Particular Nutritional Purpose : Dr Clauders FSD has been developed specifically to support skin function in cases of dermatitis and excessive loss of hair.

Essential nutritional characteristics : High content of essential fatty acids. Therapeutec complete food diet for dogs.

Composition : Chicken, rice , borange oil , sunflower oil, linseed oil , calcium carbonate.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 10.2% , crude fat 6.2% , crude fibre 0.5% , crude ash 2.5% , moisture 75% , N - 3 eiocosapentaenoic acid 0.65% ,docosahexaenoic n -3 0.65% n -6 linolenic acid acid 0.47% , alpha - linolenic acid n- 3 0.08% .Additives /kg :

Nutritional additives : Vitamin D3 200lU , Vitamin E all rac - alpha - tocopherol acetate 30mg ,zinc as sulphate monohydrate 15mg.

DOSAGE: It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use.

Purchase requires presentation of a prescription from your vet emailed to upon purchase.

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