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PD Beef 700g

PD Beef 700g

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5 ways:

(1) Alert eyes & reflexes

(2) Energy & proper digestion

(3) Healthy skin & shiny coat

(4) Strong muscles

(5) Strong teeth & bones

QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Meats including chicken, lamb & beef; gelling agents; cereal proteins; vitamins & minerals, vegetable fiber, sunflower seed oil, coloring agents & flavors.

If you are just starting to feed your dog PEDIGREE HOME STYLE, mix steadily increasing amounts of Pedigree Home Style with your dog’s current food over a period of 7 consecutive days

FEEDING GUIDE: Toy <5kg: 0.5-1.0. Small 5-10kg: 1.0-1.75. Medium 10-25kg: 1.75-3.25.

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